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Biography and information

Mary Miller, member of the International Art Fund. She is member of the Moscow Regional Union of Artists.

She was born in Moscow.
She started painting very early. She has disclosed a talent for observation and expressed an extraordinary
outlook since a very young age. Mary did not attend a state school; she received a home education with a cultural bias.
Her family atmosphere has had a great Impact on her views and passion for art.
Mary Miller left MAAC (Moscow Academic Art Сollege) in 2016 with a diploma in Graphics Design. She also graduated from the Institute of Art Business and Antiques, Management and Marketing in contemporary art Department.
Studying the basics of academic painting and drawing, as well as having a passion for the modernist period in contemporary art enabled her to create artworks of innovative and modern style. Mary Miller confidently combines graphic design, art academic art and 3D modeling in her works.
Her paintings exhibit the influence of the City and its culture, as well as her love for Urbanik and psychology. She is the founder of «PsychoUrbanik» style. The main theme of her psychourbanik works is the place of Man in the City.
Mary Miller’s artworks have been exhibited in the Moscow Union of Artists, Gallery «Na Chistykh-Prudakh» and other exhibition halls of Moscow. Many of Mary’s artworks have been included in Russian private collections.
She continues her prolific work perfecting her style while studying.