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(Robusti) Tintoretto
Biography and information
Artist Jacopo Robusti (better known as Tintoretto, 1518/1519 — 1594) is a master of the late Renaissance Venetian school.
Born in Venice. His nickname (Tintoretto — "little dyer") received because of the profession of his father — dyer. Early showed talent for painting, entered the training to Titian and soon began to make progress. According to the legend, it was precisely this that frightened the teacher, who was predicting in his youth a dangerous rival — Titian refused to give him further training.

Creativity and the artist’s work

Names of famous paintings by Jacopo Robusti:
• "The Origin of the Milky Way";
• "The Last Supper";
• "Abduction of Helen";
• "Last Judgment";
• "Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne" and others.
Pictures of the artist sharply showed the coming tragedy of the era, the proximity of change. "Talking" were many of the names of the works of Robusti. He used complex techniques for constructing compositions, angles, and perspectives. The works of Jacopo Robusti are characterized by rapid mobility. The master sought to describe and fix what arises, moves and then disappears, without lingering long before his eyes. He also willingly painted portraits, striking an excellent production of figures, the power of colors and expressiveness.
The names of the paintings of the artist and their images are presented for review on the pages of Arthive.

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Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Study after Michelangelo. Saint Damian
Study after Michelangelo. Saint Damian
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto
1541, 29.4×20.3 cm
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Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. The worship of the Cross. Saint Helena and Saint Barbara
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Portrait of a venetian woman
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Deukalion and Pyrrha pray in front of the statue of the goddess Themis
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Artworks by the artist
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Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne
Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne
1577, 146×167 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Ascension of Christ
Ascension of Christ
1578, 539×325 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Federico II Gonzaga conquers Parma
Federico II Gonzaga conquers Parma
1580, 212×283.5 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Battle of the Tarot
Battle of the Tarot
1579, 270×422 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. The Miracle of the Slave. The Miracle of St. Mark
The Miracle of the Slave. The Miracle of St. Mark
1548, 416×544 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. The Annunciation: The Angel and Wife Manoes
The Annunciation: The Angel and Wife Manoes
1559, 150×155 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Joseph and Potiphar's wife
1555, 54×117 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Danaya
1570-th , 142×182 cm
Jacopo (Robusti) Tintoretto. Portrait of the sculptor Jacopo Sansovino
Portrait of the sculptor Jacopo Sansovino
1560, 70×66 cm
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