Gennadyevich Bitkin

Russia • Nizhniy Novgorod • born in 1985 • artist

Biography and information

Artist portrait artist with an extraordinary artistic style, a Talented artist from Nizhny Novgorod, despite his young age, managed to win the hearts of many people for his work. The priority of the author — portraits in pencil and oil techniques. Using the sophisticated technology of fine art. The artist manages to convey on the canvas not only looks but also character. Bitkin Vyacheslav Gennadievich not just draws people. It gives their work meaning. His portraits, like live, have an absolute resemblance to the original. He never misses the important details. Where you have a flattering and, conversely, hide flaws. The wizard an individual, they present a high level of professionalism and inherent in the artist's handwriting. At its core, the portrait has long been considered a unique thing — it is a pleasure not everyone can afford it. Passed on the painting look from year to year will please others. Amid the usual gifts. Presented as a gift to a special portrait event that will never lose its relevance.