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Yakovlevich Kraev

Russia • born in 1955 • artist, collector
Born in the Kirov region Oparinskaya area in the village of Ledorubami. Studied in Oparinskaya eight-year and secondary schools.Do in your spare time weightlifting and performed 2 adult level. After finishing school went to study in GPTU -16 g White Holunitsa.After graduation he was drafted into the Army in the border troops military unit in 2061 2092 and Olgii.After leaving the service he lived in g Kirovo-Chepetsk are involved in weightlifting for 5 years at the sports club Olympia and was close to the standard of master of sports. Established 6 regional records ,under the guidance of a great coach, Nikolai Gagarin. In the future, was finding a good sports base and trained in such groups as the society work from the tractor plant and at the request of Ryazan coach moved to Ryazan. Trained sports club of the plant, the Ryazan under the direction of trainer Valery Ivanovich Ikonikova and performed the standard master of sports of the USSR and established 8 regional records . Became interested in painting in 1990 . Entered the Ryazan regional Union of artists fans. Wrote sales orders a very active 12 hours.Just put in five different salons and shops g ryazani. At the beginning of perestroika many needed painting,removed the carpets and hang pictures.since 2001 worked in the House of the artist salon artist .Just 25 years of fruitful work written about 3 thousand pictures. Now I'm painting purely for commercial reasons, but write what you want and freedom . It works in fantasy.A fantastic theme and fantazirovat any landscapes main priority in my work . Soon for fans of my work will be a new very interesting picture . Thank you sincerely to all!!
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