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Viktorovich Shechkin

Russia • Moscow • born in 1960 • artist, art connoisseur

Biography and information

Shechkin Valery Viktorovich (December 6, 1960-present) - a famous artist in Moscow, curator of many relevant projects. Monumentalist artist, designer (wall painting, mosaic, sgrafito, chasing, woodcarving, sculpture), restorer, member of the International Academy of Arts, [painters.artunion.ru/2-25-1.htm (1)], Member of the creative Union of Professional Artists ([artistunion.ru/ 2)], the International Art Fund, member of the Presidential Council of the Friendship Society with Sri Lanka \ at RAMS \, freelance journalist, organizer and curator of the OST gallery since 1999, currently curator and teacher in the gallery MIREA-VDNH, Senior Lecturer at Physics and Technology Institute.

He graduated from the Krasnodar Art College in 1984, in 1996 he graduated from the Stroganov Moscow Polytechnic University, faculty of Monumental and Decorative Art. Since 1984, a regular participant in Russian and international art exhibitions. The author of twenty solo exhibitions. The author of the monumental murals of the Babaevskaya factory, the Roerich Museum, the Museum of Local Lore of the Red Village, the Museum of Advertising, the night club "Castle". Design by the paintings of the Roerich Museum in New York, hotels in Tunisia, music by L.N. Tolstoy. institutes MIREA, VNIITE and so on. His paintings are in museums of Roerich in India, New York, South Korea, Moscow: museums of Roerich, Bulgakov, Novgorod, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.

He is also a permanent member of the jury of ART WEEKA - the international exhibition and competition of contemporary art [www.artweek.ru/index.php/en/ (3) ,.] where he received diplomas in the nomination live-1 place, academician. Figure-1 place, graphics and watercolors. - 2 places, esoteric alive.-3 place

Member of the resonant exhibition "Caution, Religion!" [Old.sakharov-center.ru/museum/exhibitionhall/religion_notabene/