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In 1983 I was born and live in Moscow, Russia. After graduating from school in 1999, she entered the State Architectural and Construction Control (Gos.Akademiya of Slavic Culture) and in 2005 she defended her diploma in painting painter.
After graduation from the institute, she worked as a graphic designer in various design bureaus in Moscow, in the Moscow region, as a graphic artist (she performed monumental works: painting walls, ceilings, and decorative finishing).
In 2013, she joined the monumental section of the Ministry of Agriculture (Moscow Union of Artists).
Since 2007 she has participated in various exhibitions, charitable and on a competitive basis: the international charity Art Project “Angels of the World”, the wildlife festival “Golden Turtle”, the international competition of graphics and porcelain “Magic Lantern”, the creative project “Night of Nameless Artists”, intersectional seasonal exhibitions in the MA.
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