Russia • born in 1961 • artist, collector
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I love art, the same and all I wish! Born in Russia, in Tver, former Kalinin in 1961. You've probably heard this expression: "Tver Vodoley"? I must confess, is no exception: love tea. But not about the tea it. What spurred me into creativity? It is difficult to remember long ago it was. Remember led my grandmother to Tver (then Kalinin) picture gallery, considered one of the best on the Volga, and I felt... decided does not become a diver, who I wanted to be when you grow up and become an artist. Since "torture" yourself and loved ones with their creative ongoing process. As a teenager he studied at the art school, and then entered the Kalinin art school named after A. Venetsianov, received the basics knowledge. Graduated from Department of design, our class teacher, in every sense of the word was Tamara Borisovna Golubtsova, and the group is strong: most of the guys after the army, with the creative baggage, it was at whom to learn. After graduating from College 1980 - once in the army, two years were training in the writing of the handwritten fonts and the design of visual agitation, and after the dismissal from its ranks, became interested in applied arts. After the disaster in Chernobyl, a year later, a Ukrainian married and moved to live in Ukraine, Bila Tserkva, of course, this is reflected in my work. I loved the White Church, with its rich history, unique Park "Alexandria" and the picturesque river ROS.
Since 1992 has focused his creativity in oil painting, particularly on landscape. I especially love to write landscapes of water: sea, waterfalls, rapids, lakes, marshes, and rivers. To achieve a truthful picture of water, many have copied famous artists – marine painters. What else about myself good to say? Collaborated with the Moscow gallery "the Action", as well as with private collectors, mostly in and around Moscow. The work is in different countries, and who will check? Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, USA, Canada, Israel, UK, France, Latvia, I did not forget anything. What else? Creative credo written articles? Will try to formulate: work on the basis of own impressions from meeting with nature, the transfer space by means of a composition, plasticity of drawing and shades of colour. Favorite genres? You yourself will see if you view my work: landscape, cityscape, still life.
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