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Иванович Осипов

born in 1930 • artist
Was born in 1967. in the city Venev Tula region, 1985 - 1987 service in the army, army road, after the army he worked in the Tula Armory and engineering plant Turner-Miller, 5th grade, was taking night classes at the College.Mosin Tula, but never finished, and later transferred to Dmit (Tula College of mechanical engineering and information technology) the city of Tula in 2009. finished , defended the diploma perfectly well. Drawing started in 1996 alone, even in children. the garden I loved to sculpt out of clay various figures and paint, then at school loved drawing, and I decided to become an artist. And that's still paint . Currently living in Venev. Possible exhibit of his paintings at exhibitions in different cities of Russia , continue to draw, go ahead, do not stop there.

My teachers: - Paul Cezanne, Pierre Seurat, Rubens, Edvard Munch, Caravaggio, zdzisław beksiński, Wayne Barlowe, Tetsuya ISIS, Zawadzki, mark Powell, Picasso, William Turner and Mikhail Kurzin, Elena loaf, Nadezhda Kashina, Antonina Safronov, Boris Rybchenko, Alexei Shmarinov, Tatiana Mavrina, Fedor Konyukhov, Igor Savitsky, Alexander Volkov and some others.
You think that's enough of the old masters ,which is to learn to become an artist contemporaries is starlings mockingbirds that echo passed , appropriating.

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