Georgievna Kostenko

Russia • Moscow • artist

Biography and information

Is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and a member of the Union of Artists of Moscow, graduated from the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. V. Repin. The Soviet period of life has been working in several publishing houses and in leading fashion houses of Moscow.

In 1991, for the collection of the author's suit, created in collaboration with her husband Alexander a Wasp, got the Grand Prix as the winner of the competition "Cup Adjustment". The opening of the Theater of Russian fashion, participating in Moscow and international exhibitions-screenings, job as interior designer, designing costumes for various creative teams to find its way in the new historical realities.

Since the beginning of zero years leaves Moscow, leaving the city to come to grips with painting.

His works the artist dedicated to different topics — it sketches from the life, and works that convey the internal state of man, and the world of women's relationships. Important place in the art of T. Kostenko is a children's theme, the picture on the puppet world.

Big love to our younger brothers is seen in works depicting the animals and insects that T. Kostenko "humanizes" and then they become allegorical characters. Paintings of the artist reflect the diversity of the spiritual world, the obvious passion for music, theatre, literature. To transfer each image she is looking for a kind of code. Often the objective world depicts a stylized, avoiding volumes, giving preference to the plastic lines. Likes bright, open colors and so are very decorative.