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Mariya Veynts
Maria Weinz
born in 2001 artist
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Mariya Veynts
Mariya Veynts
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Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso
Composition with a bunch of grapes and a sliced pear
Man with crossed hands
Naked woman
Cans and bowls
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Vincent van Gogh
Portrait of a young woman in a straw hat in the wheat
Portrait of doctor Gachet (option)
On the threshold of eternity
Marguerite Gachet at the piano
Good Samaritan
Ivan Aivazovsky
Napoleon on St. Helena
Catholicos khrimian in Echmiadzin surrounding area
Niagara falls
The oath to Americkou battle (General Vartan Mamikonyan V. V)
Calm. View of Capri (Mediterranean)
Artworks by the artist
total 2 artworks
Maria Weinz. "Tulips"
April 2018, 700×500 cm
Maria Weinz. "Still life with bust"
"Still life with bust"
2013-th , 500×350 cm
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