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Andrei Vladimirovich Bay
 Vladimirovich Bay
born in 1960 artist
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Biography and information

Certified by the Ministry of culture as artist-restorer of easel oil painting.
The second category has 28 March 1990. Certificate No. 1732/90

Since 1992 member of the Union of artists. Restoration compartment SPb.


SRPA «Restorer». Restoration workshop, an art restorer.


RPK «Style». Restoration workshop, an art restorer.


The PKK «Passive». Restoration workshop, an art restorer.


The renovation-commercial center «Antiquary». Restoration workshop, an art restorer.


Consultant for the restoration of Russian painting in the Museum of the city Springuel, Utah, USA.

— at the present time.

Independent consultant in antique shops, galleries and museums in Russia and Abroad.

— present Founder, artist and chief master of restoration in the Restoration workshop «GRAPH"

Some significant architectural objects, where the restoration took place:

Saint Petersburg, Museum of city history (Peter and Paul fortress). Restoration of paintings.
Saint Petersburg, St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Restoration of paintings.
Saint-Petersburg, the House of Peter I in the Summer garden. Restoration of paintings.
Saint-Petersburg, Astoria Hotel. Restoration of paintings.
Saint-Petersburg, Theatre of musical Comedy. Restoration of paintings.
The Peterhof State Museum-reserve. Restoration of paintings.
Donetsk national Museum. Restoration of paintings.
Vologda State Museum. Restoration of paintings.
Saint Petersburg Museum. A. V. Suvorov. Restoration of paintings.
Saint Petersburg Museum of religion and atheism (Kazan Cathedral). Restoration of icons.
USA, Utah, Museum of the city Springuel. Consultant for the restoration of Russian painting of the Soviet period. Restoration of paintings by artists: Plastov, A. A. Rylov, A. A., V. F. Stozharov, Gritsai A., Gerasimov A., Tkachev brothers, S. P. and A. P., and others.
Saint Petersburg, Vladimirsky Cathedral. Restoration of icons.
Saint Petersburg, St. Alexander Nevsky Church (Shuvalovskoe cemetery). Restoration of icons.
And other historical and cultural sites and values.
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