Викторович Беляков

Russia • Leningradskaya Oblast' • born in 1959 • artist, collector
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Biography and information

Belyakov Alexander Viktorovich.
Born October 8, 1959 in the village of Poltavka, Poltava region, Omsk region in the family carpenter (father) and agronomist (mother). In 1960, my parents returned to Omsk.
At the age of eight, I noticed that I understand what I'm drawing.
We can say that professional activity began with 11 years. At that time, in 1970, in the school where I studied, there was a holiday dedicated to the friendship of the peoples of the USSR. Each class represented one of the Republics of the USSR and performed on stage. My class went to the Republic of Azerbaijan. And I designed the scene. My stage design took 1st place. Since then, until the very end of school, all the decoration for the holidays was on me.
In the art school my parents for some reason did not give me anything, and at 13 I went myself. I submitted my documents to the Children's Art School №1 in Omsk. Passed the exams. And I went straight to the 3rd year. I was very lucky with the teacher in drawing. Semenov Yu.S., he taught us drawing only one year, but I received from him the charge and the ability to develop independently for life.
From 1985 to 1993 he studied at the St. Petersburg GFIZHSA them. I.E. Repin