Eduardovna Shiferstein

Russia • Moscow • born in 1979 • artist
Julia was born in 1979 in Krasnoyarsk. Since childhood, the girl was very curious and showed interest in various types of art. Parents who are far from the “bohemian world” (Valentina Nikolayevna’s mother worked all her life in medicine, and Pope Edward Ivanovich — a talented design engineer in the field of heavy engineering, a great expert on cranes and structures) not only prohibited your late child.

Having tried herself in gymnastics, the girl understood that her soul lies in music. Little Julia caught fire to become a pianist and entered the piano school at the age of 8! However, her dream grew into a desire not to play on stage, but to sing! While continuing to study at a music school, she entered the vocal “Magic Microphone” - where she learned to steadily stay on the stage, sing well and smile (since no one had previously been able to convince her of this). However, the search for their true destination continued.
And one day, when Julia’s father brought home a VCR and the girl first saw Hollywood films, she simply became ill with the desire to become an actress! Dreaming about the birthplace of world cinema, the girl after graduation goes to the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University to learn English. During her studies, Julia continues to perform on stage as a solo pop project "Tatu" (and later "RUNA"), produced by the Krasnoyarsk "Avtoradio".

After graduating from university and leaving a rather successful career as a TV presenter, as well as a vocalist, the future actress at the age of 22 goes for her dream to Moscow and immediately enters the GITIS (workshop of N. Yury Vasilyeva). It was the happiest time - a huge field for the realization of yourself and your creative imagination! Finally, study brought her great pleasure. Already from the 2nd course, Julia began working in the musical "Wedding Jays" (directed by Yevgeny Ginzburg) in the Circus on Vernadsky, and in the evenings in the clubs to sing Jazz. However, the movie - it was a dream of an aspiring actress and the girl gradually began to act in it. To this day, Julia continues to replenish her filmography with more important roles, which numbers about 50. One day, 8 years ago, Julia felt drawn to drawing! The actor's profession, filled with a huge range of emotions, often brings a lot of experiences. And then the soul asks for an emotional respite, seeking to pacify. For Julia, such an outlet became such an outlet! Being a purposeful person, she decided to teach herself this and began to copy small paintings of various artists. Gradually, Julia began to try to create their own work. Soon there is an important and fateful event. The future artist meets a remarkable man - gallery owner and artist Vladimir Merkulov, thanks to renowned artist Nikolai Lukinsky, with whom she played the play based on the plays of A.P. Chekhov "Jokes aside." Since then, Julia Schiferstein opens a new page of his creative life as an artist.

Today, Julia is receiving additional professional education at the Stroganov Traditions Academy of Arts at the Stroganov Moscow Art and Industry Academy. And also adopted in the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TLC)

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