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Ivan Kuzmich
Biography and information

After graduating from County schools, studied art under his father, in his drawing school, and became his assistant. Pictures sent in the Makarov Academy of Arts, together with the works of other students of the same school, drew it to the attention of the academic Council, who gave it in 1842 with the title of class artist. In 1845, Makarov moved to St. Petersburg. Practicing under the guidance of A. T. Markov, Makarov chose the portrait painting profession. In 1853 he visited Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Venice, Bologna; more than two years spent in Rome. He received the title of academician.

He was born in 1822 in Arzamas, son of K. A. Makarov, as his father’s apprentice at the local art school A. Stupina.

After graduating from district school in Saransk, he studied art under his father, in content they drawing school, and soon became his father’s assistant in the work of Church art.

Drawings, sketches and sketches sent by a young Ivan Kuzmich Makarov in the Imperial Academy of arts along with other students ' work Saransk school, drew on the attention of the academic Council, who gave it for them the title of neklason. artist.

In 1844 Ivan Kuzmich moved to Saint Petersburg and began to attend classes at AKD. Being engaged for two years under the guidance of Professor of A. T. Markov, Ivan Kuzmich Makarov at the end of the academic year chose to make a specialty of portrait painting, which quickly brought him fame in the St. Petersburg public.

In 1853 he went to foreign lands, visited Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Venice, Bologna and more than two years spent in Rome.

Upon returning to St. Petersburg was recognized as an academician.

Numerous portraits came out from under the brush of Ivan Makarov, generally have a pleasant flavor and dandified acceptance letter but not in strict relation to pattern; they he was particularly good when it was about the image of young ladies and children.

Besides portraits, Ivan Kuzmich Makarov wrote many icons for churches and other religious paintings, of which you can indicate "not made with hands the image of the Savior" (1855) and "Christ blessing the Imperial Family" (in the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo).

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