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born in 1966 •
Biography and information

Born in Novokuznetsk in 1966, secondary technical education.
He began to engage in creative work since 1987, studied drawing and painting.
in the art studio "Zov" at the Central Library im. NVGogol
Novokuznetsk from the famous Novokuznetsk artist Ibadulin Yu.M.
from 1992 to 1994
I work in the genre of landscape, still life and fantasy.
The first teachers were art books, paintings by other artists.
in museums and exhibitions of Novokuznetsk, and the first
Novokuznetsk painter — Nikolai became a real teacher for Constantine
Ivanovich Vovk. Together with Nicholas, he traveled to the etudes, on long journeys for
material for writing pictures, he studied, working nearby in his workshop.
Konstantin paints landscapes of his native places in the vicinity of Novokuznetsk, village
Kastenkovo, Kalacheva, Podgornoye. Leaves on a plein-air in open spaces of Khakassia,
Mountain Altai, Kuznetsk Alatau, Mountain Shoria.
He worked as an artist in the Euro-Asian Energy
companies, personally designed the office of the heat power plant in 1992
Since 2005, he has been the vice-chairman of the association of free
artists "Siberian spaces" for exhibition activities,
created under the patronage of the Novokuznetsk Art Museum.

Since 2009, a freelance artist, paints pictures on order, has been engaged in
making layouts catalogs and booklets for the order.

Participation in exhibitions.

1998 "The unity of the world" Novokuznetsk, cultural center
"Patterns" personal exhibition.
2001 "Among the affairs of the earth" Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
2002 "Spring Light" Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
2005 "Heartbreak" Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
2005 "Picture of life" Novokuznetsk, House of Creative Unions.
2005 "Siberian expanses" Novokuznetsk, Scientific and Technical
Academician Museum. I.P. Bardeen, Museum Center
"OAO NKMK" September.
2005 "The attraction of the heart" Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
2006 "Siberian spaces" To the day of the city,
Novokuznetsk Art Museum 02.07−29.08.
2006 "This sensual world" Tashtagol 01.09−15.11
"Autumn on the easel" Novokuznetsk International Day
Disabled College Boarding School 18.10- -28.11
2006 "Overcoming" zonal tour of the regional festival-competition
Artistic creation.
2007 "VZGLYAD" - a traveling exhibition
Novokuznetsk, Scientific and Technical Museum named after academician.
I.P. Bardin, the museum center "JSC NKMK" from 20.12.07
Kemerovo in the premises of customs from 28.02 to 16.03
pg t Tissoul, Leisure Center since 23.03. to 26.04.
p.t. Tyazhin, Local History Museum from 07.05 to 31.06.
Upper Chebula, Local History Museum from July 10, 2007
on January 15, 2008
"NEW ART" Contemporary Art Exhibition
Scientific and Technical Museum named after academician. I.P. Bardeen,
Museum Center "OJSC NKMK" from 20.12.07
2008 "Spring, Love, Flowers" Scientific and Technical Museum
named after academician I.P. Bardin, museum center
"OAO NKMK" 20,03,08g.
"Beauty of Kuzbass" to the day of the city, the 380th anniversary.
Novokuznetsk Art Museum, from July 01 to July 17.
"Under the sky of Shoria, Nature" Historical and architectural
Museum "Kuznetskaya fortress" from 07/04. until 19.08
2009 "Under the sky of Shoria, Nature"
Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
From January 21 09g.
2009 "Gold of Autumn"
N.V. Gogol Central Library
12.10 to 12.12.
2010 "Winter" N. Gogol Central Library
December 15 to February 15, 2010

2011 "Rivers of Siberia" from November 2010 to March 2011
N.V. Gogol Central Library
2012 Regional Exhibition-competition of fine art
"We come from Kuzbass"
Kemerovo from 29.04 to 21.05 2012
in the Kemerovo Regional Scientific Library named after Fedorov

Exhibitions on the day of the city:
2009 "Living Nature" from 16.07. to the day of the city of Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
exhibition of still life with artists
The city of Osinniki TO "Rainbow" p19.10. to 12.12
2011 "We are Siberian expanses" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2012 "The City and the Artist" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2013 "We are Siberian expanses" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2014 "Gift to the city" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2015 "10 years of inspiration" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2016 "I draw you" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2017 "Land of Kuznetsk" Novokuznetsk Art Museum
2018 "I love you my native land!" Novokuznetsk Art Museum

Personal exhibitions:
1993 "Native spaces" Novokuznetsk, library them. N.V. Gogol.
personal exhibition.
1995 "The path to yourself -1" Novokuznetsk, library them. N.V. Gogol.

2005 "Way to yourself-2", Novokuznetsk Art Museum,
personal exhibition to the fortieth anniversary of 01.18.06

2009 "Spaces of the soul"
Museum of Ethnography and Nature of Mountain Shoria
Tashtagol from 17. 03 to 25.05.
2016 "World of the artist" from 4 to 24 February in the Novokuznetsk Art Museum
City exhibitions:
2005 "Plein Air 2005." Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia
Novokuznetsk, Art Fund NSHR.
2012 "City exhibition — a competition dedicated to
400th anniversary of Kuznetsk "from 14 to 30 June
Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia
Novokuznetsk Dep. Oktyabrsky Ave.- 6
2012 "City exhibition — a competition dedicated to
400th anniversary of Kuznetsk "from 14 to 30 June painting
Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia
Novokuznetsk Dep. Oktyabrsky Ave.- 6

2013 "City exhibition — a competition dedicated to
400th anniversary of Kuznetsk "from 14 to 30 June
Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia
Novokuznetsk Dep. Oktyabrsky Ave.- 6
2016 "City exhibition — a competition dedicated to
400th anniversary of Kuznetsk "
Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia
Novokuznetsk Dep. Kuznetskstroevsky Avenue 1.
took the first place picture "Topolniki, city beach"
1st degree diploma.
2018 "How I spent this summer" exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia
from August 30 to September 16
Exhibition Hall House of Creative Unions, Kuznetskstroevsky Ave. 1

Regional exhibitions:
2002 "Fresh Art Siberia" (Fresh Art of Siberia)
Novosibirsk Exhibition Center "Siberian Fair".
He was awarded the diploma of the exhibition, three works were included in the general
exhibition catalog.
International exhibitions:
2019 Russian Art Week
XXVI International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art
In the Exhibition Center ICCSH at the Russian Academy of Arts
(Moscow, ul. Krymsky Val, d.8 / 2) April 8−14, 2019, one work was included in the catalog of the exhibition "Magic Jets of Kazyra"
2019 "Visionary Art | Visionary Art Trip"
Moscow March 26 — 31 Address: Moscow House of Artists
(Moscow, ul. Kuznetsky Most, d.11) three paintings were included in the exhibition catalog.
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About me
Новокузнецкий художник, занимаюсь творчеством с 1987 года пишу природу Сибири горные бурные реки и тайгу с голубыми далями. Состою в реестре профессиональных художников России, участник персональных, городских, региональных и международных выставок.
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Magic streams Kazyra
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Morning on Mras Su
2009, 50×70 cm
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Waiting for gray
2013, 60×80 cm
Konstantin Shurpatov. Mirages
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XXI century, 60×80 cm
Konstantin Shurpatov. Tree of Life
40,000.00 ₽
Tree of Life
2013, 60×80 cm
Konstantin Shurpatov. Worlds Ensemble
25,000.00 ₽
Worlds Ensemble
2007, 50×70 cm
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