Vitalievich Chertov

Russia • Kaliningrad • born in 1955 • artist
Born (1955) and lives in Kaliningrad. Engaged in painting since the late 1970s.
Participant in joint exhibitions: the club of artists "Time and We", of which he was a member
(1980s - 1990s), “Baltic is a sea of friendship” (1980s), “Arnau in trouble” (Germany, 1994), “Order castles of East Prussia” at the Friedland Gate Museum (2009).
Works on the artistic reconstruction of order castles in East Prussia are part of the permanent exhibition of the Amber Castle Museum and Exhibition Complex (Amber Village).
The artist’s paintings, performed in various techniques and genres, were repeatedly presented at solo exhibitions in the Art Studio of the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art (1994, 1996), and in the State Archive of the Kaliningrad Region (1990s). , in the creative workshop "Alternative" (2000s). In 2018 and in 2019, two personal exhibitions took place in the Gates art space: K & K Town, and Painting and One Watercolor.
At the exhibition-competition "Cathedral", held in Kaliningrad in 1993, he was awarded the special prize of the "Museum of the City of Koenigsberg" (Duisburg, Germany).
Works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, England, Israel. My website:

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