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Vasilievich Yudintsev


Biography and information

Collection: Reflection of the city in the water
Yudintsev Alexander Vasilievich

Artist Yudintsev Alexander Vasilyevich was born in 1952 in the village of Sokolovskoye, Kostroma region. He studied painting at the Feodosia art school and at the Stroganov courses. The main teachers for him were his friends-artists. And, of course, long, painstaking self-study. So he made numerous copies of the works of Russian painters: A. Aivazovsky, A. Ivanov, A. Bryullov, F. Tolstoy. The artists Koro, Manet, Korovin, Vrubel, Van Gogh and others became the closest to him in spirit, mood, understanding of the state of nature, the environment, and the color scheme.
His writing style, manner, cannot be attributed to any one direction. It has absorbed different styles: realism, impressionism and expressionism. His talent is truly multifaceted. His paintings are spiritual, personal. His country and city landscapes can be called "landscapes of mood", air, motive. As if there is a heart-to-heart conversation between the viewer and the picture. Such intimate communication can be compared to standing in front of an icon and a quiet prayer. The works are amazingly clean and sublime. They, like ancient Russian painting, have an amazing property to alleviate mental suffering. Make people cleaner and kinder.
The artist has a surprisingly good sense of both urban and rural landscapes. Each landscape is unique in its own way, spiritual in Russian. Surprisingly recognizable. You understand - this is Russian nature, this is your village, your street, your yard, a tree or shrub near your house, your grandmother. And you also feel the nature around you, you simply cannot convey it. And this artist helped your impression, your thoughts to be realized, to give them eternity and constancy.
The artist loves to depict transitional moments of the day, seasons: sunrise, sunset, rain, cloudy weather, fog, first snow, cold sunny day, golden autumn, warm snowy winter, etc. A rich range of colors, built on various color nuances, spiritual breadth, talent and sensitivity to the beauty of the surrounding world helps to most accurately transfer your artist's impressions to canvas. You can say that you feel the mood of the picture and the emotional mood of the artist with your skin, you cannot remain indifferent. Here in one picture a bright sunny day is captured, the soul is light and cheerful; on the other, everything is full of slight melancholy, despondency, trees are crying, on the wet asphalt there is a colorful reflection of an inverted city landscape: houses, people, trees, the light of lanterns, etc. People, like lonely wanderers, walk the city streets.
Painting, the work of the artist Alexander Yudintsev is a continuation of the Russian school of painting. His works in their energy, spirituality, moral objectives can be compared with the works of V. Stozharov - the singer of the Russian village, the Russian north; films by A. Tarkovsky; literary and cinematographic works of M. Shukshin.

The author's works are in private collections in Russia, Poland, Germany, Japan, Belgium, France, America. Pictures of Alexander Yudintsev participated in 1990 at an exhibition in the arena of artists of UNESCO members. We also took part in the Paris auction. They were exhibited at the combined exhibition of Russian artists in the Greek city of Soloniki. The works of Alexander Yudintsev can be seen in the catalogs "Biaf 1990", the Geneva 1995 "EUROP ^ ART", and also the Geneva "l ^ AME SLAVE" 1997, published by the "Paint" gallery.
Phone: 8-915-371-54-74
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