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Nikandrovich Nefedov

march 27 (April 8), 1887 - was born in Ivanovo-Voznesensk.
1896 - 1906. - He studied at the Ivanovo-Voznesensk Normal School.
1906 - 1912. - He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Teachers: V.A. Serov, K.A. Korovin, A.E. Arkhipov, L.O. Pasternak. Among fellow students were S. Sudeikin, N. Krymov, N. Kuprin, A. Gerasimov, D. Trubnikov, L. Turzhansky, I. Mashkov, R. Falk, M. Kirsanov. Diploma work "Early Morning" (1912, canvas, tempera, is in the Ivanovo Regional Art Museum)
1908 г. - he participated in the student exhibition and was awarded the I.I. Levitan and P.M. Tretyakov prizes for his paintings "Cemetery" and "Spring".
1910 г. - he participated in the exhibition of the Moscow Fellowship of Artists (painting "Morning on the Volga shore").
december 26, 1911. - on January 29, 1912 he participated in the 40th anniversary exhibition of the Itinerants in Moscow at the Historical Museum (the painting "Twilight", oil on canvas, is in the Ivanovo Regional Art Museum).
1912 г. - with the support and funding of D.G. Burylin, he organized in Ivanovo-Voznesensk an exhibition of works by major Russian painters - V. and A. Vasnetsov, V. Polenov, A. Arkhipov, I. Repin, K. Makovsky, V. Serov, S. Malyutin, etc. He taught drawing at the Ivanovo Real School.
1912 - 1915. - Studied at the Higher Art School at the Academy of Fine Arts (St. Petersburg) in the workshop of Professor D.N. Kardovskii and on pedagogical courses at the Academy of Fine Arts. He worked as an illustrator in the journal of V.A. Posse "Life for All" and in other St. Petersburg publications.
1916 - 1917. - He served in the army as a camouflage technician at the Pskov Front, and participated in World War I.
1918 - 1936. - He led workers' studios in clubs, participated in the organization of art exhibitions and design work; actively taught at the art courses of the AHRR, on the basis of which in 1930 was opened art and pedagogical technical school, later renamed the art school.
The artist developed a sketch of the coat of arms of Ivanovo-Voznesensk, which was not approved during his lifetime, but later became one of the prototypes of the modern coat of arms of the city.
1933 - the first personal exhibition of I.N. Nefyodov at the organization of the association "Artist" in Ivanovo, also participated in the art exhibition "Artists Ivanovo industrial area for 16 years.
on September 23, 1936 - 1941. - Arrested on a false denunciation and served a sentence of 5 years in Komi KP-8h1, Vorkuta division of the UkhtPechlag under article CRTD.
1941 - returned from the camps, worked at the "Artist" association and as a designer at the "Central" cinema. According to his recollections he created a large series of landscapes dedicated to the harsh nature of the north.
1943 - he returned to teaching painting, drawing and plastic anatomy in the Ivanovo Art College. Actively participated in regional art exhibitions.
1946 - was awarded the medal "For valorous and selfless labor during the Great Patriotic War.
1947 - held a personal exhibition in honor of the 60th anniversary of the artist and the 35th anniversary of his artistic and pedagogical work (Ivanovo), took part in the "Exhibition of works of artists of four regions (Gorky, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl).
on March 1, 1960. - The Presidium of the Ivanovo Regional Court reversed the Resolution of the Special Meeting of the NKVD of the USSR of September 21, 1936; the case of I.N. Nefedov was terminated for lack of corpus delicti.
1960s. - the artist created a series of works devoted to the events of the revolutionary struggle in Ivanovo-Voznesensk.
1957-1977. - personal Jubilee exhibitions for the 70th anniversary, the 80th anniversary and the 90th anniversary of the master took place in Ivanovo.
on January 11, 1976, Ivan Nikandrovich Nefyodov passed away, having lived 88 years.
After the artist's death, the following exhibitions in his memory were organized:
1988 - exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the artist (Ivanovo),
2007 - personal exhibition for the 120th anniversary of the artist (Plyos),
2012 г. - An exhibition of works by I.N. Nefedov dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the artist (Ivanovo),
2017 г. - exhibition "Red Painter" (city of Ivanovo),
2018 г. - An exhibition of paintings by repressed Ivanovo artists Nikolai Burov, Alexander Leonov and Ivan Nefyodov "Overcoming Hell" (Plyos).


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