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Petrovich Siukhov

My personal biography directly depended and depends on the ruler of the state, how I survive.
The ruler - Stalin I.V. - my personal assessment of the ruler - feared, statesman.
01.10.1948 in Chernikovsk (Ufa) was born Vladimir Petrovich Sikhov.
The ruler - Khrushchev N.S. - my personal assessment of the ruler - an autocrat, disrespected.
1962-64 - Graduated from Ufa City Art School №1.
1964-68 - Graduated from the (evening) school of sculptors at the Ufa City
art school No. 1.
1961-65 - Graduated from eight-year school № 76 in the city of Ufa.
1965-67 - Organization of p/b No. 20, worked as a painter.
The ruler - Brezhnev L.I. - my personal assessment of the ruler - did not interfere with survival (frontline).
1967-68 - Bashkir, experimental, advertising combine - worked as an artist -
a decorator, a painter-decorator.
1968-70 - Service in the Soviet Army.
1970-71 - Externally graduated from high school №29 in the city of Kuibyshev.
1971-73 - Studying at the Mikoyan Institute of Civil Engineering. Mikoyan A.I.
kuibyshev (Faculty of Architecture).
1973-77 - Study at the Moscow Architectural Institute in Moscow.
1977-84 - Worked in design institutes - architect, ... chief architect
1980 - Member of the Union of Architects of the USSR.
1980 - Laureate, First Degree Diploma of the All-Russian Project Contest
of creativity of young architects"
1981 - Diploma winner of the competition of projects "Review of Creativity of Young Architects of the USSR.
1981 - participant of the "founding congress of the Union of Architects of Russia", Moscow-Kremlin.
1990 - Diploma of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The rulers - Y.V. Andropov, K.U. Chernenko - my personal assessment of the ruler - had no respect.
Rulers - Gorbachev M.S., Yeltsin B.N. - assessment about the ruler - the shame of Russia.
1984-2023 - Painter, painter, muralist of Podolsk city
of the branch of the All-Russian Creative Non-Governmental Organization
"Union of Artists of Russia.
1983 - participant of the "Sixth Congress of the Union of Artists of the USSR" Moscow-Kremlin.
1984 - Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
The ruler is V.V. Putin. - my personal evaluation of the ruler - respected (correct).
The ruler - Medvedev D.A. - my personal assessment about the ruler - had no respect.
1997 - Medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow
The ruler is V.V. Putin. - My personal evaluation of the ruler is that he is a statesman.
2017 - Silver Medal "Spirituality. Traditions. Craftsmanship."
Union of Artists of Russia.
2018 - Acknowledgement from the Minister of Culture of Russia.
2020 - Acknowledgement of the President of the Russian Federation.
2022 - Gold Medal "Spirituality. Tradition. Craftsmanship."
Union of Russian Artists
1971-2023 - participant: International, All-Union, All-Russian, zonal, regional,
city exhibitions and competitions.
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