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Petrovich Perevalov

Russia • born in 1926
Soviet poster artist, painter. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
Born on December 15, 1926. At the beginning of the war he received a certificate of cadet of the 1st Artillery Special School in Moscow. He participated in the 1st voluntary Komsomol battalion in the battles between Smolensk and Bryansk, in the battles near Moscow. In December, 1943, he was sent to the front as a regiment at Kustrinsky bridgehead beyond the Oder, served in the anti-aircraft artillery regiment of the 5th Air Defense Front. After demobilization he lived in Moscow. He worked in the field of socio-political posters, engaged in design works and painting. For publishing houses "Metallurgy", Strojizdat and Energoizdat performed posters on industrial safety. Member of the section of artists-painters ROO "Moscow Union of Artists. Author of posters: "Do not Overload" (1964), "Do not Leave Loads Suspended" (1964), "Do not Be Under Load" (1964), "Stop Working in Strong Winds!" (1968), "Fence it in!" (1981), "Use water carefully!" (1981), "Don't Trespass!" (1986), "Use Local Lighting" (1987).
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