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Vladimirovich Andreev

Russia • Novosibirskaya Oblast' • born in 1974 • artist, art connoisseur
I was born into a working family. Mother is a turner, father is a carpenter. Low material level is a red thread behind me. Married late at 34. Mastered the computer. Got bored with games after two years. Tried in 2017 to create unique drawings succeeded. Many initial pictures removed by me on ethical grounds, recognized by me as a violation of copyright ethics of other authors and people who did not give permission to create a picture of the publication. Everything must be within the law and the ethics of copyright. To date, I present myself to the world as an artist. Digital painting. Trying to create something new and uniquely beautiful. I ask for help in escaping poverty, both spiritual and materially domestic. Watermarks is an attempt to escape from everything I have in life, to something that is not real to me. The main portfolio https://ok.ru/aleksandr.andreev.89014509043, about 600 unique paintings, of them about 200 can be of commercial interest, that is, they are adjusted the composition of images, color, ethical moment and there is a component of feng shui. Prices put in the portfolio are understated (service rates in the graphics works in 2017), on the work done, without taking into account the artistic value, the cost of the alleged stamp and author's signature. Access to the portfolio is paid by arrangement through messages. There are times when I feel like people don't hear me, don't see me, don't perceive me in any way. People with the Holy Spirit (quintessence) is a unique rarity.
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