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Nikolaevich Bulatov

Russia • born in 1959 • artist
Artist in social media
Andrey Bulatov, a native of the Sverdlovsk region, was born on June 15, 1959. Together with his parents, he visited many parts of the Urals. He received drawing and painting lessons at the Fine Art Studio in Alapaevsk, where he lived until he was 17, until he entered the Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture, now the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art.

For 5.5 years, from 1976 to 1981 he studied at the Department of Industrial Art. At this time, for the first time, he took part in an art exhibition held within the walls of the institute.

After graduating from SAI, he received a diploma of an artist-designer and for a year taught at the sculpture department of his native educational institution.
After the service, Andrei moved with his family to Kaluga, where he took up the design of the urban environment in the department of construction and architecture of the city administration. Large-scale and numerous urban design projects of Kaluga, as a historical Russian city, carried out during

perestroika times, opened the way to the position of the Chief Artist of the city.

In this capacity, in 1992, he participated in the creative seminar of the Central Educational and Experimental Studio of the Union of Artists of the USSR (Senezh seminar) under the direction of E.A. Rosenblum. on the development of Arbatskikh lanes in Moscow. The project of the group was recognized by the management as one of the most successful.

In 1993 the artist returned to Yekaterinburg, where he continued his creative career as a freelance designer. Here, work began on the creation of its own style of furniture, which was carried out along with the architectural projects of shops and cafes. Works of this period settled in the Regional Museum of Folk Crafts and the Severouralsk Museum of Local Lore of the Sverdlovsk Region.
Upon his return to the Urals, the artist returned to design practice.

So in 2004-2006 he worked in a creative workshop under the direction of A.A. Lysyakov, a famous blacksmith and artist in Yekaterinburg.

The works of this period are very diverse: from small souvenirs to powerful sets of sculptural furniture and wicker sculpture.

The creative alliance with the famous blacksmith and art figure made it possible to complete work on the creation of his own style in furniture, which fully expresses the views and moods of the artist and designer A. Bulatov, consisting in the extreme sharpness of the individual features of the objects of creativity and their uniqueness for copying. Works of this period are in private collections and a museum at the creative workshop under the direction of A.A. Lysyakov.

Either moving away from creativity, then returning to it again, Andrey improved his own creative manner and artistic expressiveness, until in 2013-2014 he began to work on pictorial sketches. The magnificent nature of Bulgaria has awakened a long-standing desire to paint landscapes. And the real creative activity - an invitation to participate in an art exhibition in Kalofer, Bulgaria.

At this time, the artist, without losing his creative activity in the field of wooden sculpture and sculptural furniture, creates graphic and painting works in various genres: landscape, cityscape, still life. Interest in the visual arts is fueled by the modern possibilities of using art editor programs and the ability to work with acrylics.

Maintaining his own style in graphics, painting, sculpture, the artist strives to master new visual means for himself and hopes to participate in the artistic life not only of the Urals, but also of Russia and Bulgaria.

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