Александровна Денисова

Russia • Prague • born in 1980 • artist
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Denisova Olesya Alexandrovna, Painter, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation since 2012. Yoga-teacher. Top Model.
Born on January 14, 1980, in the Praha (Czech Republic) in a military family. Father is a lieutenant colonel in the reserve, Denisov Alexander Ivanovich. Mother - Denisova Kavsarya Abdreevna. There are two older sisters.
The first years of her life changed places of residence with her parents. Significant was proud: St. Petersburg, there was a curiosity about high art; military town Elan (Sverdlovsk region) there is an elementary school; Perm city, where she received education: school number 93 (with a sports bias), art-school no. 1, Art College No. 1, painting department, Perm State Technical University (design department), Perm Institute of Culture and Arts, portrait painting department under the guidance of the national artist Shirokova E.N. From childhood, she showed a strong interest in classical music, E. Grieg was her favorite composer. Dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Sketching is always good. From the age of five, she tried to paint portraits of writers and composers. In 1990 she learned about the existence of the Children's Art School, came there and stayed there until 1997. Thus, the main direction of life was determined. She received her first higher education at Perm State Technical University, Department of Industrial Design (1997-2002). In parallel, she graduated from the Art College, department of easel painting. After attempts to work as a designer, she entered the Perm Institute of Culture and Arts, (2005-2011), the portrait painting department, under the guidance of Evgeny Nikolayevich Shirokov. She studied directly in the workshop of the master. Works by any graphics means. Mostly academic manner, directions are different. For 5 years she worked in the “Dobro” icon-painting workshop. She painted icons in an academic manner and was engaged in restoration.
“The center of my creativity is a human. Human is the source of inspiration. To depict the character and essence of a person is the main task. ”
The Perm Art Gallery accepted the portrait of the poet and actor O. Gruz in its collection (graphics work). State Museum V.V. Mayakovsky (Moscow) took over the portrait of V. Mayakovsky (graphics work). She painted portraits of Danilina V.N., Shirokova E.N., Berezovsky A.K., Kusturitsa, Sidorova Yu.M., Archimandrite Seksyaev, Rothko.
2007 - ART-PERM
2007 - “Master and students”. CEH, Perm.
2009 - Exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. DK them. Soldatov, Perm.
2009 - Personal exhibition. Art Gallery of the House of Culture, Krasnovishersk.
2009 - IV All-Russian art competition "From Ancient Russia to New Russia". Moscow. Diploma in the nomination "New Russia", the publication in the catalog.
2010 - ART-PERM
2011 - Private gallery "Golden Age". Perm.
2012 - Exhibition dedicated to the holiday "Victory Day". DK them. Soldatov, Perm.
2012.- All-Russian exhibition-competition of portrait and self-portrait. G. Tomsk. Diploma and publication in a directory.
2012 - Exhibition of young artists. CEH, Perm.
2012 - The exhibition "Youth of Prikamye". "House of Artists", Perm.
2013 - The exhibition "Mood" (graphics). "House of Artists", Propulsion.
2013 - Exhibition "Model and Still Life". "House of Artists", Propulsion.
2013 - Traveling exhibition "Discovering new horizons." (Perm Territory: Berezniki, Dobryanka, Chernushka, Chusovoy).
2013 - The exhibition "Comprehending the tradition." CEH, Perm.
2014 - Art Salon "Art-Perm 2014". Jubilee exhibition CXR Perm branch.
2014 - Exhibition "Young art of Kama region". "House of the artist." Perm.
2014 - The exhibition “Workshop of the People’s
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