Aleksandrovich Kovalev

Russia • Rostovskaya Oblast' • born in 1962 • artist
Sergey Aleksandrovich Kovalev
Painter of the Don Region. Born in 1962 in azov.
Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of the Rostov Pedagogical Institute of the Russian State Pedagogical University in 1987.
He is very fond of the Don region.
Love for the Motherland will never go out of style.
Landscapes of the Don nature will resonate in everyone's soul,
who loves the Don region.
In the paintings of S.A. Kovalev landscapes "Upper Don" and "Lower Don" painted with convincing authenticity.
For many years he goes to plein air practice in Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya. And he himself lives and writes in the village Elizavetinskaya in the Rostov region.
"Every tree is held by its roots. Kovalev's roots are strong, and his love for the Don region makes his work poetic, sinking into the soul.
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