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I was born in 1993. My love for painting and the study of art history manifested itself in me since early childhood. I graduated with honors from art school and studied in the studios of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov and the Moscow Art and Industry University. С. G. Stroganov. The world art community recognized my paintings as "awakening" - presented Russia at the international exhibition "Spiritual Painting". Artist is the mouthpiece of our time, singing images not only on the unconditional love of life, but also straining nerve of the set philosophical and social questions, the constant search for forms of expression of the answers to these questions - from a young age I started working on "stimulating" paintings. Deeply fascinated by history, and current socio-cultural issues, I received higher education in the field of state and municipal management. She conducted scientific research on the history of heraldic symbols and expressed her findings in a series of works titled "State Symbolism," which she presented at a solo exhibition at the President Hotel. The exhibition and my presentation were attended by representatives of Russian ministries, international forums, congresses, conferences, political organizations, business, culture, art and sports. Held personal exhibitions as a partner and sponsor of events from Russian glossy, participated in the Fashion TV "Fashion New Year Awards" ceremony, supported charity auctions. She opened for herself the door to the world of television art, having mastered the profession of a television presenter at the Ostankino Higher School of Film and Television. Audiovisual art is one of the sources of inspiration and self-expression for me as an artist.
My creative path is inextricably linked to the search for futuristic forms and images. I have been a blockchain enthusiast since the dawn of the popularization of this technology, a representative of the arts at plenary sessions of the International Communication Academy, and a speaker at events on the integration of blockchain technology into business and culture. Deeply immersed in the subject of NFT and VR technologies, AR advises IT companies and representatives of museums and galleries on the NFTization of society and the digitalization of exhibition and promotion activities of established cultural institutions.
I am the author of a unique multi-layered painting technique Borning mask. My favorite tools are canvas and oil. I am working on the creation of an exhibition platform for my own paintings in VR space - the project 33 Floor Gallery.
Participant of All-Russian and International exhibitions, as an artist I am the guest of honor of the leading Russian business community Rutalks and Commercial and Industrial Association CEO Russia.
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