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Petrovna Pluzhnikova

Russia • born in 1981 • artist
Artist in social media

Biography and information

Born in the city of Astrakhan on May 31, 1981. Higher education. Graduated from art school (1990-1995), ASU (1998-2003). Artist. Educator. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science. Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. Participant of the festival of Transformation of urban spaces in Astrakhan "Brush" 3 seasons in a row.
My collective exhibitions:
2015 - Park Inn. "Insight". Astrakhan
2018 - Museum of Culture of Astrakhan. "Multicolor of talents". Astrakhan
2019 - Creative club 6E. "Life's Art". Astrakhan.
2019 - Regional Oncological Dispensary. "Flowers of life". Astrakhan.
2020 - "Art platform" ASU. "Women's view-2020". Astrakhan.
2020 - Zeikhgauz. Astrakhan Kremlin. Ecological exhibition of artists of the Astrakhan region and Russia "Earth. What's next?" Astrakhan.
Personal exhibitions:
2017 - Museum of Culture of Astrakhan. "Playing with color".
2019 - Gallery - restaurant "Nicole". "Play with color - 2". Astrakhan.
2019 - Cinema "Illusion". "Feelings". Astrakhan.
Contests: 1st place in the 4th international festival-competition of contemporary art "Constellation of talents" (Fine art. Drawing. Adults), organized by the Federation of Contemporary Art with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Astrakhan Region. Now my paintings are at the international competition of the ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS project and at the International Exhibition-Competition "Week of Arts in Spain", the theme of the exhibition is "To Spain with love" (ART WEEK in SPAIN). I also donated my paintings to two international art projects "Angels of the World" and "1001slon". I paint pictures in the style of expressionism, symbolism. I love pasty painting, the Impasto technique. I am mainly engaged in painting, and also create works in the author's technique. Sometimes I do decor and interior design. My author's technique includes a mix of acrylic and stained glass varnishes on canvas. I combined knowledge and experience in acrylic painting, stained glass painting, ebru and Zen-art in one bottle, mixed, shaken and got my own personal author's mix-media.