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Erich Heckel
Germany 1883−1970
Biography and information

Erich Heckel (it. Erich Heckel; 31 July 1883, Dobeln, Saxony — 27 January 1970, Hemmenhofen, Germany) — German artist-expressionist, virtuoso engraver, one of the founders of art Association "Bridge", which in addition to the ideological and creative participation, carried out the indispensable work of the Secretary and accountant. During the First world war, being unfit for service, were wounded in the composition of the sanitary brigade. Lived extremely long, evenly balanced and creative life, teaching, arranged exhibitions, traveling is a great luck for the artist German in the first half of the twentieth century.

Features of the artist Erich Heckel: the work of Heckel clearly divided into periods separated by global shocks — two world wars. Exotic, provocative, erotic, barbaric, wild, vivid painting in the period before the First world: beach Nude friends and models. It also experiments with wood engraving, which uses an angular, rough material properties, in which the uniform color spots are formed in a flat, sharp image. Depressed, heavy, broken painting in the postwar period. And gradually growing brighter, Sunny, desolate world in pictures, written in a time of peace, filled with hope. After the Second world war, Heckel returns to print: now is a landscape of soft, detailed portraits and book illustrations.

Famous paintings of Erich Heckel: "The brick factory", "Portrait of a man", "Girl with doll (Franzi)", "Glass day", "Scene by the sea", "Bathers among the reeds".

Author: Anna Sidelnikova

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Erich Heckel. Stehendes Kind (Fränzi stehend)
Stehendes Kind (Fränzi stehend)
Erich Heckel
1911, 54.2×40 cm
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Erich Heckel. White horse
White horse
1912, 30×31 cm
Erich Heckel. Saxon village
Saxon village
Erich Heckel. The shadow of a cloud
The shadow of a cloud
1918, 83×70 cm
Erich Heckel. Windmill in Dangast
Windmill in Dangast
1919, 71×80 cm
Erich Heckel. Bathers on the river Alster
Bathers on the river Alster
1914, 14×19 cm
Erich Heckel. Landscape
1914, 24×19 cm
Erich Heckel. Near water
Near water
1933, 21×29 cm
Erich Heckel. Portrait of a man
Portrait of a man
1919, 46×32 cm
Erich Heckel. Tired
1913, 59×47 cm
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