Exhibition February 15 − March 12, 2017
For me, the exhibition is "Relative" – a kind of "charm" in which I feel good, this is my house, which warms me with its warmth, memories, childhood. For me the important particular person and his involvement in my life. It is the umbilical cord, and I held for her.
Portraits written on the packing of Kraft, which is prone to rapid degradation. The images are simple ignorant people who have worked all their lives, survived, had children, raised them, had a revolution, two wars, to me. I wanted to pass on this bystrorastvorimami crafting today in my emotional experience of my relatives to be a part of their plight as anyone else in this life I do not remember. I owe it to them.
To get to the archetype is a great success, and it's not for me to judge.
The basis for the work on the portraits were pictures that have survived in my family and in the archive of my wife. Field sketches a little, only with parents, brother, sisters. His great-grandfather, I reconstructed the stories of his father.
Peasant history, we have almost no evidence of it remained very small in many circumstances.
In fact, we are deprived of memory.
(from the author)
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