"The sea of the sun in December"

Exhibition December 10, 2018 − January 9, 2019
While the courtyard at the Attic of the artists falls asleep with fluffy snow, and the surrounding cats high up their paws, jumping in the snowdrifts, summer flowers bloom in the Attic itself. This artist Dmitry Ermolov shares with us the sunny views of St. Petersburg and canvases from the summer plein air. Bunches of grapes, ripe lemons on the branches, lush roses, crawling on the white plaster. And, of course, sun-drenched Petersburg, written in an easily recognizable manner.
The most important thing for an artist is the sincerity that he finds in beauty. The soft sunset of the sun, raindrops on the glass and city lights crushing into them, fleeting sensations and everything that cannot always be expressed in words - this is what Ermolov's painting consists of. Reflecting on the weightless and elusive, Dmitry chooses an extremely material, tangible technique. In each of his paintings, the texture exists along with color and composition, sets accents and inevitably attracts the eye. Perhaps because of this, Yermolov’s painting is so well known in Petersburg and attractive to people with very different views on art.
If instead of skating rinks and ski slopes you dream of the sun over the Neva and southern blooming, we are waiting for you at the exhibition “The sea of the sun in December” from December 10 to January 9 in the Attic of Artists.
Galleries at the exhibition