"Breath of flowers"

Exhibition January 16 − February 15, 2019
January 16 in the Attic of Artists opens exhibition Natalia Egorova "Breath of flowers." In all her paintings, Natalya strives to capture the fleeting sensations, to catch a moment that will disappear in a second. Egorova is a modern follower of the Impressionists and in her paintings it is easy to see the special light and dreaminess inherent in impressionism.

Delicate, almost lively flowers will bloom in the gallery in the middle of winter and, although spring is still far away, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Fresh bouquets in pastel colors will delight your loved one and remind you of warm spring days. The artist herself talks about her paintings in the same way as she writes - through elusive images: “In the breath of colors, different flavors - spicy, fresh, herbal, many shades of smell and color. Their forgotten words, sun spots, evening shadows, joys, discoveries, dreams - that is reflected in the eyes of man ... "
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