"Crimean landscape"

Exhibition February 10 − March 9, 2019
From February 10 to March 9, the exhibition of Alexandra Fateeva is held in the Attic of Artists. The artist was born in Krasnodar and graduated from the Academy of Arts. As a student, Alexandra met the Crimea with its coastal cliffs, flowering fields and stunning sea views. Following the traditions of the Russian impressionists and, in particular, Konstantin Korovin, Alexandra combines the gentle light blue tones of a calm sea with sunny greens and bright pink splashes of flowers. Looking at the paintings of Fateeva, its ruins of Chersonesos and the rocky shores, illuminated by the setting sun, it is impossible not to recall Wangogow's "There is no blue without yellow or orange."

Blue, yellow and orange live on many canvases of Fateeva, whether it be plastered walls of Alupka against the background of the southern sky or dried July grasses bordering the bay. Now Alexander teaches at the Krasnodar Art School, actively exhibits and does not forget about the Crimean landscapes. The exhibition devoted to them in the Attic of Artists is a peculiar declaration of love:

“I immediately conquered Crimea and fell in love with me forever. The variety of landscapes, shapes and colors is amazing and inspiring. Immediately I want to take up the brush. The works appeared due to several trips to different cities of Crimea, therefore there are steep mountain slopes running down steeply down streets, quiet southern courtyards braided with vineyards, and flowering parks with shady pines and, of course, sea expanses. Landscapes are created from nature. This is the only way to convey the fullness of feelings, colors and impressions of what he saw. ”

Galleries at the exhibition