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Exhibition February 4 − December 31, 2019


Early February Gallery of European and American Art of the XIX – XX Centuries with the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin holds the largest exhibition of work Henri Matisse, the head of the Fauves group and one of the key figures of the world art of the twentieth century.

The basis of the collection, presented at the exhibition, will consist of numerous paintings from the 1890s-1910s by the artist who “painted happiness.”
In the early twentieth century, most of the paintings were collected and donated to the city by the customer and patron of the painter, an ardent admirer of the new French art, textile magnate Sergei Ivanovich Schukin, who collected a collection of world-class masterpieces.

Henri Matisse - painter, graphic artist, sculptor, illustrator, decorator. At the end of the twentieth century, among the diversity of genres and concepts (classics, avant-garde, impressionism, academism, salon painting), he formulated his own creative concept of “emotions through simple means” and sought to create works of art that are understandable and accessible to anyone. The author declared: “I just want a tired person, looking at my painting, to taste rest and rest. Art should not bother and embarrass. ”

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to fully enjoy the luxury of relaxation amid the bright, joyful and energetic paintings of the French painter.

More works by Henri Matisse can be seen on the artist's page.
Galleries at the exhibition