Exhibition in memory of Mikhail Shatalov

Exhibition June 10 − July 9, 2019
From June 10 to July 9, an exhibition dedicated to the memory of artist Mikhail Alexandrovich Shatalov will be held in the Attic of Artists. Attic Artists collaborated with Mikhail Alexandrovich for more than 10 years. Mikhail Alexandrovich was one of the first artists with whom the Attic Artists began to cooperate. At the moment, more than a hundred of his works are represented in our walls - the exhibition includes only a part of them.
Many works of Mikhail Shatalov broadcast his explosive temperament, talking about grief, horror, dark thoughts. But the artist’s high emotionality cannot be one-sided, and among his paintings there are many bright, tender and festive ones.
In 2018, we presented an exhibition of paintings and sculptural works by Shatalov and now we want to look at his creative path from a different angle.
Mikhail Shatalov was born on November 12, 1931 in Grozny, and after two his family moved to Leningrad. In his youth, he was a student at the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University, but he chose a sculptor’s career in law education and entered the sculptural department of the Serov School. Like many of his colleagues, the sculptor Shatalov lived a double life - at work he created monumental propaganda, and in his spare time - asymmetrical, anti-naturalistic sculptures, being fascinated not by subjects, but by the study of the dynamics of plastics. The works of the early period of the artist are practically not preserved - many works were donated, others were lost in the journeys.
In the 1970s, Shatalov took up drawing, and a decade later became interested in oil painting, leaving the sculpture because of its household and financial demands, it’s difficult to engage in this art form without having a permanent workshop. Belonging to the environment of Leningrad non-conformism, Shatalov somewhat fell out of his tradition of nature-oriented, remaining, according to the artist’s friend Valery Valran, “a lone wanderer”. In his graphics and painting Shatalov was guided by the principles of spontaneous expressionism, working with archetypes and sensations.
In love with the vital paintings of Picasso and Matisse, Shatalov wrote many beautiful and full of life portraits, landscapes and still lifes. An important place in his work is the motif of Pavlovsky Park. In parallel with his studies at the Serov School, the artist worked in the Pavlovsk Palace, often walked in the park, and it was there that he met his future wife, who led excursions through the museum. Years later, Mikhail Shatalov continued to return to the park, walk, relax his soul, and at home recreate the feeling of joyful peace in numerous landscapes.
In the gallery, you can also buy a catalog that contains works by Mikhail Shatalov for half a century of his creative career - from 1970 to 2018.
Galleries at the exhibition