The Golden Age of Danish Painting

Exhibition February 28 − July 21, 2019
In the spring and summer of 2019, the Swedish National Museum presents an exhibition "The Golden Age of Danish Painting", which includes the best works created from 1800 to 1864. For this period, typical scenes are typical, depicted with careful and realistic attention to detail. They give today's viewer a sense of closeness to the people, society, and nature of a bygone era.

The exhibition is devoted to a number of key themes, as well as social, political, economic and cultural conditions that have become prerequisites for the art of that period. They include familiar topics such as Copenhagen, the Danish Academy of Fine Arts, family, artist at work, travel, photography and landscape painting. However, there are less common themes, including humor, intimacy and sensuality, as well as painting of the late Golden Age.

The exhibition features more than 300 works, including such famous artists as Christopher Wilhelm Ekkersberg, Kristen Köbke, Martinus Rorby, Konstantin Hansen and others.