Funny pictures

Exhibition July 10 − August 9, 2019
From July 10 to August 9 in the Attic of Artists an exhibition of Alexei Mitin “Merry Pictures” takes place. He writes with bold, bright spots and prefers the plane to the volume: the forms in Mitin's paintings hovered somewhere in the middle between the benevolent French post-impressionism and the angular German expressionism - but without the intense anxiety that we used to look for on the canvases of the XIX - XX centuries. Mitin's hero is unfriendly Petersburg, where oppressive contemplation is preferred to anxious expectation, and brokenness is more a lifestyle than an expectation of things to come.
Something cracked is also in the biography of the artist: scientific work in the State Hermitage Museum, a diploma in Van Gogh - and at the same time, grass-roots everyday scenes, modest sad landscapes and an active underground exhibition life on Pushkinskaya, 10.
Once Larionov, impressed for the first time seen by French impressionism, parodied the "day" series of paintings by Monet. But if Monet’s object was the Rouen Cathedral, Larionov became the obscure corner of a barn.
Similarly, Mitin: Western technology, sophistication and art history savvy applied to the subject of everyday and quiet. But the modesty of the chosen plot inspires the picture, recalling that in the simplest story you can see something sublime. Come to the exhibition, look at the pictures, try to take Alexey Mitin’s glance with you and take a look at the usual in a new way.
Galleries at the exhibition