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The contemporary art gallery ARTIS GALLERY presents in the CUBE art space an exhibition of works by Sergey Bloch and Kristina Aksentova"Beautiful / Dangerous".

The exhibition presents new works in which the authors elegantly and ironically present us with carnivorous manifestations of nature itself.

A new series of works by Sergey Bloch is a kind of hymn to the kingdom of mushrooms, embodying a refined aristocratic style in all its variety of forms. The artist sometimes recalls the toxic nature of these living organisms, blinded by their magnificence, only with an unexpected angle, revealing the tubular wrong side, or with the help of signs that are already clearly warning of danger.

The artist Kristina Aksentova (Strunkova) tells us an adventure story about the true essence of nature and things, the plot of which unexpected characters consistently reveal in her paintings. The work of Aksentova was significantly affected by the work of American artist Georgia O'Keefe and contemporary English artist Justin Mortimer.

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