All is not what it seems

Exhibition September 18 − November 17, 2019
Museum complex to them. AND I. Slovtsova presents a special project of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale“Everything is not what it seems”.

The exhibition includes works by more than 30 artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Nizhny Tagil and other regions of Russia.

The exhibition in the language of modern art tells the Tyumen audience how reality may look beyond our perception of it. Artists from different angles explore the multi-layered theme of the exhibition: in their search, they either rethink existing myths, then create their own, or reveal the mechanisms of digital reality. An important role in the project is played by the works of local artists, in which local mythologies are revealed - from the traditional symbolism of the natural objects of the village of Narimanova to the progressive culture of the Tyumen comic strip.

Based on site materialsMuseum complex them. AND I. Slovtsova.