MMCA Collection 300. Pearls of the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea

Exhibition May 5, 2020 − April 25, 2021
Korea National Museum of Contemporary Art Presents Large-Scale Exhibition"MMCA Collection 300"representing the pearls of various areas of fine art from the museum's collection.

The exposition consists of four parts: “From Port Opening to Liberation”, “Search for Identity”, “With Peace” and “Diversification and Globalism”. Viewers will see samples of painting, sculpture, graphics, art photography, installations, experimental art and folk art created by 50 artists from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

The exhibition acquaints with various periods of the formation and development of the visual culture of the state, illustrates the interaction of various national cultures, the penetration into the work of Korean authors of Western styles and genres, including impressionism, modernism, abstractionism, etc.

The final chord of the exposition is samples of the merger of fine art and modern technology, including the body of a cybernetic organism as a model for sculpture.

Based on site materialsNational Museum of Modern Art of Korea.