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110 years old. Museum in time

Exhibition December 10, 2020 − January 24, 2021
A. Pakhomov, I. A. Popov and others.The historical section of the exhibition project unites works created in the same year with the birth of the museum - 1910. These are paintings by famous Moscow and local and painters: E. Kh. Aladzhalov, M. A. Demidov, A. V. Isupov, L. V. Kuklin, M.A. Mamontov, M. V. Nesterova, A. A. Repin, N. N. Khokhryakova. The exhibition includes works by unknown masters of the 19th century, paintings by Vyatka artists A.V. Isupov and M.A.Demidov, canvases by S. Yu. Zhukovsky and S. Italy, and the graphic work of P.F.Stroev. Noteworthy are the multi-figured plot compositions and monumental landscapes: K. A. Dobrais, N. G. Zakharova, Yu. A. Orlov, A. S. Papikyan, A. L. Petrov, N. P. Fomina, A. V Charina. The mastery of performance and attention to man permeate the works of E. G. Bragovsky, D. B. Borovsky, A. P. Vasiliev, V. A. Volsky, Yu. S. Gershkovich, V. N. Goryaev, V. A. Igoshev, A. A. Pakhomov, I. A. Popov and others.

Based on site materials Vyatka Art Museum. V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsovs.