Albrecht Durer. Engraving masterpieces from the Pinakothek collection of Tosio Martinengo in Brescia

Exhibition April 19, 2021
The State Historical Museum (GMI) holds an exhibition Albrecht Durer. Engraving masterpieces from the collection of the Pinakothek Tosio Martinengo in Brescia ".

More than 120 engravings by the master were brought from Italy, among which are the most famous - engraving "Melancholy I", "Adam and Eve", "Prodigal Son", "Apollo and Diana". The exhibition presents for the first time the prints by Albrecht Durer kept in the State Historical Museum collection, including such famous prints as "Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam" and "Saint Jerome in a Cell". The exposition is complemented by items of decorative and applied art created in Germany at the turn of the 15th – 16th centuries. from the collection of the Historical Museum.

A. Dürer's engravings, created in the technique of engraving on copper, are distinguished by their exceptional artistic perfection. The ability to use the laws of direct perspective in images, mastery of the rules for constructing proportions and monumentality of forms are combined with the jewelry subtlety of execution, emotionality and special attention to detail inherent in German art of that time. The works of A. Dürer are accompanied by the works of his contemporaries, who copied the great engraver with amazing accuracy, which speaks of the great recognition of the artist's skill.

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