Urban and rural landscape. Between dream and reality

Exhibition March 26 − July 4, 2021
Albertina Gallery presents an exhibition “Urban and rural landscape. Between dream and reality ".

Visitors will have a walk through more than 200 landscapes created by painters over the past 450 years. In the halls of the gallery you can see the magnificent major works of Dürer, Rembrandt, Canaletto, Boucher, Caspar David Friedrich, Menzel, Jacob Alt, Rudolf von Alt, Cézanne, Emil Nolde and Paul Klee.

From the inception of landscape as a genre and its pioneers, most notably Albrecht Dürer, the exhibition covers Bruegel, Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age, from Renaissance urban panoramas to close-ups, from utopian sketches of Arcadian landscapes to illusions. A free, realistic image of nature in the era of industrialization, from images of the sublime and sublime in Caspar David Friedrich to terrible visions and dystopias in Alfred Kubin and childhood dreams of the playful character of Paul Klee. The exhibition concludes with key works of romantic landscape and 19th century Austrian watercolor art, such as Views of Vienna by Jacob and Rudolf von Alt.

Based on site materials Galleries Albertina.