Impressionism. Franco-German encounters

Exhibition October 29, 2021 − December 31, 2022
The Hamburg Kunsthalle invites you to visit the exhibition "Impressionism. Franco-German encounters".

More than 80 exhibits - paintings, pastels, sculpture - of the most prominent French and German impressionists were on display.

Impressionism is generally associated with France: with artists such as Edouard Manet, Claude Monet or Auguste Renoir, with whimsical, vivid and colourful works, often depicting outdoor scenes, series of landscapes with haystacks and lily ponds, with a play of light and shadows. In Germany, the movement developed late in time and quite independently. When Impressionism lost importance in France, its country of birth, with the outbreak of World War I, in Germany Impressionist tendencies, especially in the context of art academies, persisted until the 1920s.

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