Sophie Teuber-Arp. Living Abstraction

Exhibition November 19 − December 7, 2021
New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) invites you to visit the first large-scale exhibition in the United States Sophie Toibert-Arp "Living Abstraction".

The exhibition includes more than 300 works by the artist, including paintings, textiles, applied art objects, puppets, interior and architecture objects, furniture, relief sculptures, works on paper, photographs and a selection of printed materials.

Sophie Toibert-Arp(1889-1943) was one of the most talented contemporary artists, creating profoundly innovative work in many disciplines. This exhibition traces her career: teacher of applied art, participant in the Dada movement, textile and object maker; designer of murals, stained glass, furniture, interiors and buildings; sculpture artist, magazine editor and early proponent of geometric abstraction. For Toibert-Arp, abstraction has always been linked to everyday reality. Her creations corresponded to the time and place of their creation, in accordance with Tauber-Arp's expressed desire to create "living beings" in a "new style

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