Creation of the World. Works of religious art of the 15th - early 20th century

Exhibition March 14 − June 2
5 days left
In all religions, the theme of God's creation of the world is one of the central tenets. This exhibition aims to show through artistic images the Christian understanding of the process of creation of the world and man, based on the biblical story. The exhibition will feature icons, sketches for temple paintings, engravings, books and decorative and applied art objects touching on this theme from museum and private collections. Among them are eight large-format sketches for the paintings of the vaults of the side aisles of St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Kiev, made by artists V.A. Kotarbinsky and P.A. Svedomsky in 1887-1895 with images of the Days of Creation.

Mikhail Abramov Museum of Russian Icons and private collectors, including K.V. Voronin, V.I. Nekrasov, M.S. Byvshev, V.V. Selivanov, and K.P. Kalashnikov. Selivanov, K.P. Kalashnikov, the collection of the Avalov family, the collection of the Lipnitsky family and others.

Curators: Head of the Department of Expertise and Artistic Conclusions, Candidate of Art History, Zh.G. Belik, Research Associate of the Department of Expertise and Artistic Conclusions. O.S. Nikolskaya.