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About the exhibition
Exhibition«John Singer Sargent» in the National Museum of Sweden will be the first retrospective of this unique artist in Scandinavia. Despite the fact that this painter is read by one of the most significant masters of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, he is still little known in Sweden.

Sargent was a US citizen, but spent much of his life in Europe. He was born in Florence in a family of Americans, was educated in France and lived in Great Britain for many years. The life of the cosmopolitan, which he led, left its mark on his work.

Visitors to the exhibition in the updated National Museum will be able to see some famous portraits that brought fame to Sargent in the same period when his Swedish colleague Anders Zorn was at the peak of his career. The exhibition is complemented by urban landscapes and interiors from Venice, landscapes and scenes of everyday life from the Middle East and North Africa, majestic views of the Alps and rarely exhibited a series of studies of naked men.
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