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About the exhibition
Large-scale retrospectivein the Venetian Doge Palace is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the birth of the painter Jacopo Tintoretto - one of the giants of European painting of the XVI century. The halls feature 50 paintings and 20 Tintoretto drawings provided by major international museums, as well as famous cycles written for the palace itself - in the places for which they were originally intended.

Among the exhibits, "guests" - "The Origin of the Milky Way" (1575) from the National Gallery in London; five canvases from the Museo del Prado in Madrid, including “Joseph and Potiphar’s wife” (c. 1555), “Judith and Holofernes” (c. 1555) and “Abduction of Helen” (1578); "Suzanne and the Elders" (1577) from the Museum of Art History in Vienna, as well as paintings from Paris, Ghent, Lyon, Dresden, Otterlo, Prague, Rotterdam, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

At the same time, an exhibition is being held at the Academy Gallery. "Young Tintoretto"dedicated to the earliest - the least studied - the years of the famous painter.
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