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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Henri de
France 1864−1901
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Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa (FR. Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa on 24 November 1864, Albi — September 9, 1901, the castle Malrome, Gironde) — French post-impressionist artist, a count and a rich heir, absinth drinker, cabarets and brothels.

Features of the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: art world the works of Toulouse-Lautrec, closed, cramped, crowded, loud, cynical, sad and passionate, unmistakably recognizable. Montmartre stars, singers street songs, dancers cabaret, clown, circus performers, prostitutes, seamstresses, laundresses, red and white. Toulouse-Lautrec, influenced by Japanese prints, he enjoys lithography and creates posters for the entertainment venues for the first time in Western history, bringing the genre to the level of art. Artists, for which Lautrec painted and printed posters, woke up famous after a night of putting up posters in Paris.

Famous paintings of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: "Aristide He the Ambassador", "Clown Sha-U-Kao", "Yvette Guilbert bows to the public", "Dancing at the Moulin Rouge", "Japanese sofa".

Image Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec surrounded by such quantity of legends and speculation that biographers often spend hundreds of pages on their debunking. Instead, offer pathetic excuses genius: he was an alcoholic, because a cripple, lived in the brothels, because the dwarf and the artist, in the end, was because he was terrible himself.

The Lautrec certainly would prefer a couple of legends this humiliating excuse. For example, the fact that he always carried in his pocket nutmeg — to add to the invented on-the-go alcoholic cocktail. Toulouse-Lautrec was a great pleasure, pumping friends for a virtuoso mix of port and absinthe, for example. Friends would invite him as a bartender and a decorator at your party. Dozens of times he was in love, mutual and unrequited, and always found a way to show their feelings, right or eccentric. Not daring to speak and to dream, he had figured out how to have another way: on the feet of Misia Natanson, wife of one of his friends, he would spend hours drawing imaginary landscapes of dry brush. She all the while pretending to read, clinging to the tree in the garden.

Prostitutes of the best brothels wore flowers to him in the Studio and are allowed to draw themselves at any time of the day and night — sleeping, brooding, bored, waiting for customers playing in lesbian play, sweet and provocative. He was their Prince in a fairy tale and arranged a Breakfast with an expensive wine and sweets.
He loved women with red hair and high strong men. The artist laugh, when beside him on the streets of Paris walking cousin 40 centimeters above it. The fate of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the heir of a wealthy aristocratic family, identified the body, and thus he looked everywhere for physicality as the manifestation of human nature. And found.


Lautrec had to live a few months, he came to die to his mother, the Countess Adele, after a crazy expensive houses for rich people, after attacks of delirium tremens, paralysis and despair. 37-year-old artist then was hardly able to write, sat down to rest after each stroke. "Painting made my legs longer"gloomily he said. Yes, it was exactly the opposite: it’s short legs made a painting of Lautrec’s unique and opened a new perspective on the visual appeal in art.

Little Henri was a brilliant student in many disciplines ranked first in the school rankings, although due to illness and long rehabilitation in the southern resorts often missed six months of classes. A descendant of the spoiled, flighty, pampered aristocrats, Henri certainly successfully burnt life and money on the hunt balls and the races, if they had grown up tall and very handsome. But hereditary disease, brittle bones, fractures of the legs, resulting in exhausting procedures and months of immobility, forced the boy to look for other sources of joy. Figure even then the teenager Henri gave inner strength and a feeling of fullness of life.

A huge amount of female portraits Lautrec — portraits of their feet (1, 2, 3, 4). Crazy, shameless, wildly popular, passionate Kankan contributed, of course. The scenic posters and portraits of Toulouse-Lautrec is a woman’s feet is often asked momentum, draw composition, lead the viewer’s eye.


When father Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, count Adolf, understand that you’ll never get from son’s exploits on the hunt, just had to teach him how to draw horses. "Just to paint them now and you can…" bitterly he said the failed heir.

Disappointed father could not make his son a greater gift — he found him a deaf art teacher. Animal painter Rene Presto was deaf from birth, but received his higher education, did gymnastics, went to balls and successfully exhibited at the Salon. He learned to speak and lip-read speech of the interlocutor — a stunning example for a desperate teenager, systematically deleted from his imaginary adult life, family, love, children, pleasure and glory.

The anatomy lesson horses or dogs in the Studio Presto Lautrec learned as well as the lessons of cheerfulness and willpower. Later, he was happy to discover swimming as the only sport he once purchased a gymnastic trainer, and in the intervals between the drawing will take place in her body. Lautrec life considered himself an Amateur artist, comparing his work to paintings Degasand Van Gogh. Despite the fact that the recognition and fame came to the artist faster and easier, than his idols. He participated in the Belgian exhibitions of the "group of twenty", the art exhibition "the Salon of the hundred" in Paris, every year for 8 years has sent paintings to the Salon of independents, the first to draw such posters, which the Parisians at night tore from the walls and collected.


Lautrec couldn’t stand when the portrait was casually written with human hands. He was sure that the hands often tell more than the person. For pianists and surgeons he gazed with delight and reverence, and black gloves on the hands of the famous singer Yvette Guilbert by Lautrec became her calling card (1, 2, 3). He is able to find the desired item and create a media image that began to live separately from his real prototype. Red stockingsQueen of the Moulin Rouge, the cancan dancer La goulue! Red scarf and wide-brimmed hat Aristide, of He, the owner of the cabaret "Mirliton"! Strict dress and hatthe most chaste and educated dancer Jane avril!

When Henri went to live in Montmartre, in the heart of the Parisian Bohemian life, the indignant parents for a few years deprived of its contents. But with the money or without them, Toulouse-Lautrec always had a roof over my head and a reason to drink. He was his own man in all the famous places of entertainment — the owners of the cabaret in a few months, fed and watered it for free for donated school new picture. And its absolutely arranged a barter.


Friends who knew and loved Henry, ceased to notice his appearance special. They were strange and annoying, when some cocky buck laughed or stared at by the artist. Yes he can punch or slap is strong to curse the person, in whose eyes saw the joke.

Actually, the cost with the Lautrec bond and boundaries and the need of pity disappeared. His eyes were arranged his body. He painted the most witty caricatures of himself and got a dog, a plump, bandy-legged bulldog, which even the most caring friends have discovered a similarity with the owner. When none of the civilized society are not taken seriously equality and did not think about the rights of the fallen, about the capabilities of persons with disabilities, Lautrec’ve seen them as equals: prostitutes, lesbians, drunks, madmen and beggars artists.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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