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Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 1987 • artist

Ivan was born in the city of Riga, Republic of Latvia. In 1993, he and his parents moved to Russia to the Kamchatka peninsula. A year later, he moved to the suburbs of Moscow.
Ivan started drawing when he was 3, at 8 he wrote his first verse, at 12 he became interested in hip hop culture (rap, graffiti) and at 18 he started writing music. Was a member of the musical group "S.O.M.A.13". All his conscious life he studied the world of art on his own
After school, Ivan graduated from the cookery school in the town of Pushkino. Then he studied at the Institute of Economics.
In 2014 he founded Zames_family.lab, engaged in tattooing and design. And in 2015 he left Russia for India, travelling around Asia. While living in India, he worked as a model and took part in various kinds of music videos and film shoots.
In December 2017, in the Indian state of Goa, held his first exhibition of paintings.
In 2018, Ivan created his first painting made from inorganic garbage collected from the beaches of North Goa.
In 2019, he presented his "Save d Rave" series of paintings dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage, which further facilitated collaborations with major Russian music promotional groups Orbita Project and Goa TV.


Ivan founded his authorial style - post-industrial expressionism - is a philosophical reflection on the modern reality surrounding us in its various forms and factors, starting with himself and going to infinity. In other words, modern existentialism, beginning with the phrase "I am" or Rene Descartes' philosophical statement "I am, and therefore I exist".
This style does not accept classical forms and materials. It influences the person through comprehension of the general concept (visual empathy, materials, reminiscence and so on). It also incorporates video, audio, and digital formats, thereby expanding the digital horizon of post-industrial society.
The artist creates his works from all kinds of inorganic garbage and materials found in the street or used in everyday life, often not recyclable, addressing the issue of respect for nature and its resources.
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