Number 5

Jackson Pollock • Painting, 1948, 243.8×121.9 cm
About the artwork
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Art form: Painting
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1948
Size: 243.8×121.9 cm
Artwork in selections: 65 selections

Description of the artwork «Number 5»

Invented by Jackson Pollock in the late 1940's "drip" technique, or spattering technique caused a sensation and divided fans of the painting into two camps: those who considered his paintings are true masterpieces, and those who call them talentless daubs, worthy to be called art. Journalists gave Pollock the nickname Jack The Dripper (Jack sprinkler) by analogy with Jack The Ripper (Jack the Ripper).

Made in a unique technique paintings, the artist often didn't give any names, only numbers. But not because he was too lazy to come up with beautiful metaphors for spray paint, because that's the way he wanted to give freedom to the imagination of the viewer without affecting his perception of the picture. One such work was "Number 5" one of the many written and numbered Pollock paintings in the most productive years of sobriety. But she was prepared for striking the fate.

For many years the painting was hidden from the public eye, hiding in a private collection. Some time, "Number 5" was exhibited at new York's Museum of modern art, but then the picture has again become the property of a private person – the Hollywood producer David Geffen. In others, Pollock's works were shown in museums and sold freely around the world, "Number 5" was constantly shrouded in a certain veil of secrecy, in particular, explains the hype surrounding this picture. Finally, in 2006, a famous painting rocked the whole world at Sotheby's, suddenly becoming the most expensive work of art. "Number 5" has moved to another private collection of a Mexican buyer for a record at that time $ 140 million. Moreover, the painting became the most expensive work of art created after the Second world war, and, therefore, relevant to contemporary art.

Record the value set by the Jackson Pollock painting, was broken only in 2012, when the work of Paul cézanne is one of a series "The card players" - was bought by the family of the Emir of Qatar for an unbelievable 250 million.

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov