Vladimirovna Kuznecova

Russia • Tula • born in 1996 • artist
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Born: November 29, 1996 in the city of Tula.
There will be dates and facts below, but I will start with some words of gratitude to a higher power. For what at birth gave me the opportunity to learn painting and drawing. Gave that very seed - love to art and masters. And the message of my soul - to do everything to grow it as productively as possible and make of it beautiful useful fruit!
I have been painting since childhood, observing nature and all living things, trying to understand and feel as much as possible. And then, bringing out the mixture of images, objects and feelings on the material. No matter how many years I have been painting - I am at the beginning of my journey. And more than one cardboard, sheet, canvas will fly out from under my hands. I am glad to welcome you on this page! Have a wonderful viewing!

2012 - graduated from the Polenov Tashkent Art School
2014 - graduated from the art department at the MBNOU `Lyceum № 3
in fine arts
2018 - graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Design of MPEI

From 2010 to the present time, the works of watercolor and oil painting were repeatedly exhibited in museums:
"V.D.Polenov State Museum Estate"
"Museum-Estate of A.T. Bolotov "Dvoryaninovo"
"Aleksin Art and Local Lore Museum"

And also, the exhibitions were placed at various venues in the city of Tula
Since 2017 - holding creative watercolour workshops, for people of different skill levels. (Children and adults)
2015 - with the support of the You Are an Entrepreneur programme of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, organizes a series of plein air events in Tula parks and squares
From 2014 to 2016 - participation in annual exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Russia, the Tula branch
2016 - participation in the charity exhibition "Handicraft MY"
2018 - participation in the preparation of the regional stage of the Russian National Student of the Year Award 2018

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